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    ISO application links page
    Directly access ISO applications when the Market Participant Portal experiences a temporary outage or is off-line for scheduled maintenance.  

    Application access

    Confidential information and data communicated between the ISO and its participants during the course of planning and market activities are protected through robust system and application security. Find access requirements as well as application technical specifications and user information here.

    Featured documents

    User access administrator guide 

    Customers must designate one or more user access administrators (formerly points of contact) to manage the process of requesting user access to ISO applications. Please use the web-based agreement form below to submit a designation.  Refer to the User access administrator guide for step-by-step process and forms. Questions? Contact

    Application and information security

    The ISO has security requirements for accessing the ISO system and applications.  Find security and access resources, forms and related information here.

    Non-disclosure agreements

    Certain secure planning and market systems data are available upon compliance with the applicable Submission Instructions and submittal of a non-disclosure agreement. Requesting entities must have an approved WECC Confidentiality Agreement prior to requesting access to this data. Only submit a User Access Administrator (UAA) agreement upon confirmation from the ISO that the submitted non-disclosure agreement (NDA) has been approved. If the NDA is not yet approved when submitting the UAA agreement, the UAA agreement will be rejected.

    California ISO applications

    All technical specifications and artifacts are available on the ISO Developer site. Login permission is required to access the site.
    • Access and Identity Management (AIM)
    • Automated Dispatch System (ADS)
    • Congestion Revenue Rights (CRR)
      The CRR system user manual is available to candidate CRR holders only upon completion of the registration process and annual training.
    • Customer Inquiry, Dispute and Information (CIDI)
    • Customer Interface for Resource Adequacy (CIRA)
      The CIRA system is used to manage the ISO's Reliability Requirements program
    • Customer Market Results Interface (CMRI)
      Retrieve market results through this web based system. The CMRI release notes, technical specification documents, and services are available at (developer account required). There is no separate User Guide for CMRI.
    • Demand Response Registration System (DRRS)
      DRRS contains the location and registration management for Proxy Demand Response (PDR) and Reliability Demand Response (RDR) resources.
    • Energy Imbalance Market technical specifications
    • External reporting services
      External reports for Master File, SIBR, RIMS, Transmission Registry, Credit Management
    • Market Modeling Data (MMD)
    • Market Notification Service (MNS)
    • Market Participant Portal (MPP)
    • Market Results Interface - Settlements (MRI-S)
    • Master File
    • Open Access Same-Time Information System (OASIS)
    • Outage Management System (OMS)
      Report and manage generation and transmission outages through this web based system. The webOMS technical specification documents are available at (developer account required).
    • Resource Interconnection Management System (RIMS)
    • Scheduling Infrastructure Business Rules (SIBR) - Bidding
      Technical documentation, including technical specifications and artifacts (WSDL, XSD), are available on the ISO Developer site at
    • Scheduling Infrastructure Business Rules (SIBR) - Inter-SC Trades
    • Transmission Register

    RC West applications

    All technical specifications and artifacts are available on the ISO Developer site. Login permission is required to access the site.