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ISO can operate participating transmission facilities directly

Transmission owners can elect to turn operational control of their facilities over to the ISO and collect access charges from users. The ISO and adjacent balancing authorities may allow certain generating facilities to dynamically schedule across interties into the ISO balancing authority area so these facilities can participate in the ISO real-time market.

Process and requirements

Applications for participating transmission owner status

Applications for participating transmission owner status are in accordance with Section 2.2 of the Transmission Control Agreement.  All applications must include a description of the transmission lines and associated facilities that the applicant intends to place under ISO operational control with information on related entitlements and encumbrances.

Technical information

Information for transmission access charge rates and tariffs.



Dynamic transfers

Dynamic schedules facilitate changes in net scheduled interchange between two balancing authority areas (BAAs), within the operating hour by automating intra-hour dispatch and real-time interchange schedule adjustments. They also facilitate the provision of ancillary services and energy to the ISO on the ties. In the case of a dynamic import schedule for a conventional resource, the receiving BAA acquires responsibility for provision of balancing energy services and the associated Regulation burden. Dynamic import service is described in the ISO Tariff.