Transmission operations

Our operations reporting, coordination and maintenance efforts help keep the lights on for 30 million people in our balancing authority.

Transmission control agreement

The terms and conditions for how the ISO and participating transmission owners will discharge their respective duties and responsibilities. View the Transmission control agreement and Appendix F.


Transmission access charge (TAC)

Charges assessed, on behalf of the Participating Transmission Owner, to parties who require access to the ISO grid. View the high voltage access charge rates and wheeling access charge rates on the Settlements page.

Transmission operating procedures

View the 3000 series operating procedures for transmission operations on the Operating Procedures page.

Transmission outage reports

All transmission outages must be reported to the ISO with a description of the cause and all remedial actions taken. Information is confidential. Access requires a valid user certificate.

View transmission outage reports*

*Requires a valid user certificate

Transmission availability reports

The annual Electric Transmission Availability Reports are developed by each of the Participating Transmission Owners (PTOs) and submitted to the ISO for review. The Electric Transmission Availability Reports describe each PTO’s availability performance, improvements or degradation of line availability, and triggered tests.


Transmission Maintenance Coordination Committee

This independent committee gathers input from participating transmission owners and interested stakeholders on the ISO transmission maintenance standards, reviews proposed changes, recommends revisions to the standards, and advises the ISO vice president responsible for transmission maintenance.

View the Transmission Maintenance Coordination Committee meetings.

Tariffs and agreements

Participating transmission owner tariffs

Each participating transmission owner's tariffs for facilities under ISO operational control.

Related application(s) and access

The ISO provides limited access to the register of transmission facilities and entitlements (RTFE) to participants with a demonstrated, legitimate business need in accordance with FERC's January 24, 2003 Order in Docket No. ER03-219. RTFE information is considered critical energy infrastructure information.

The Transmission Register non-disclosure agreement and user manuals are available on the application page.

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