Requesting access and certificates

To obtain system and application access, contact your company's User Access Administrator (UAA). Learn more about UAAs.

Confidential information and data communicated between the ISO and its participants during the course of planning and market activities are protected through robust system and application security.

Requesting access from your UAA

All systems and applications, except Open Access Same Time Information System (OASIS), require a UAA to grant and remove access. Contact your company's UAA for access.

If you don't know who your company's UAA is, contact If your company doesn't have a UAA, follow the UAA guide.


To obtain a certificate, contact your company’s UAA. If your company does not yet have an active UAA, see the UAA guide. The ISO uses a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) which protects the confidentiality of the ISO's communication with its customers. ISO customer certificates are chained to the CAISO issuing authority. Validation of the chain can assert trust between communicating parties.

Installing, renewing, and copying your certificate

Microsoft Windows and Edge that supports 128-bit encryption is required for installing/renewing California ISO Multiple Application (CMA) End User Digital Certificates. For further assistance please contact

Certificate for Remote Intelligent Gateway (RIG), Data Processing Gateway (DPG) or Inter Control Center Protocol (ICCP)

1. Client Public/Private Key Guide
How to create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR).

2. Device Certificate Request
Requires a CSR on submission

RIG Certificate Install and Renewal*
Requires a completed device service request.

Verizon Cybertrust root certificates

This certificate authority is no longer supported and will be full end of life in November 2024.

Entrust private certification authorities

The Entrust Intermediate and Trusted Root certificates are for use with Entrust RIG Certificates

Certificate policies and certificate practice statements

Documentation outlining controls, requirements, roles, and functionality of the CAISO Root Chain Certification Policy.

Energy Communications Network (ECN)

Entities that connect to the ECN are commonly referred to as Connected Entities (CE). CEs can require network connectivity to support various business purposes. Some common CE types include Remote Intelligent Gateways (RIG), Area Control Centers (ACC) using Inter Control Center Communications Protocol (ICCP), Revenue Meters, Scheduling Coordinators (SC), and WON participants.

The ISO recommends you familiarize yourself with the Certification Practice Statement for Basic Assurance Certification Authority (CPS). Note: RIG, DPG, and some SCs’ applications require the use of the California ISO Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

Connecting to an application

All applications with the exception of OASIS require a certificate. Some applications provide a web interface (UI) to connect to as well as an Application Programming Interface (API). For information on connecting to APIs, please visit the developer portal (login required).

View applications

During monthly maintenance, sites and reports may be temporarily unavailable. See the ISO Production Maintenance and Outage Schedule for information on timing and areas that may be affected.

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