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January 29, 2019


Request for Comment


Business Practice Manuals

BPM Change Management: Proposed Revision Requests Posted as of 1/29/19


The California ISO has posted new proposed revision requests (PRRs) reflecting edits to Business Practice Manuals (BPM).


All PRRs and related activity are publicly available through the BPM change management site at


The PRRs listed below have an open 10-business day comment or appeal period from Jan. 29, 2019 through February 12.


New PRRs

PRR 1132 Settlements and Billing BPM, Updates to BPM Configuration guides for the settlement and allocation of Capacity Procurement Mechanism (CPM) to address the automation of annual CPM

PRR 1131 Settlements and Billing BPM, Documentation only change for BPM charge code 6706 to show variable name associated in actual configuration

PRR 1130 Settlements and Billing BPM, Update the pre-calculation spin non-spin no pay quantity configuration to properly address fast start units

PRR 1129 Market Instruments BPM, Attachment B sec B.2.2 clarification

PRR 1128 Market Operations BPM, Emergency PRR, FERC Order 844 reports

PRR 1127 Energy Imbalance Market BPM, Emergency PRR, Resource sufficiency enhancement one percent tolerance band

PRR 1122 Outage Management BPM, Inappropriate reporting of forced outages

PRR 1121 Reliability Requirements BPM, Removal of inappropriate reporting of forced outages note


ISO Recommendations

PRR 1119 Market Operations BPM, Treatment of resource outage on startup

PRR 1118 Market Instruments BPM, Emergency PRR, FERC Order 844 reports

PRR 1117 Energy Imbalance Market BPM, Imbalance conformance enhancements

PRR 1116 Market Operations BPM, Imbalance conformance enhancement

PRR 1115 Market Instruments BPM, Updating greenhouse gas allowance price inputs and fallback logic


ISO Final Decisions

PRR 1114 Outage Management BPM, Outage coordination changes due to reliability coordinator service

PRR 1113 Generator Interconnection and Deliverability Allocation Procedures BPM, Emergency PRR, 2018 interconnection process enhancements deliverability changes

PRR 1112 Managing Full Network Model BPM, Generator contingency and remedial action scheme modeling

PRR 1111 Market Operations BPM, Emergency PRR, Aliso Canyon Tariff provisions

PRR 1110 Market Instruments BPM, Emergency PRR, Aliso Canyon Tariff provisions plus new report definition

PRR 1109 Market Operations BPM, Emergency PRR, Transferring Attachment F to Congestion Revenue Rights BPM

PRR 1108 Market Operations BPM, Emergency PRR, Load forecasting improvements - phase 1

PRR 1107 Definitions and Acronyms BPM, Fall 2018 definitions and acronyms update


BPMs are viewable in the BPM Library.


The ISO may unilaterally make and implement revisions to the BPMs in emergency circumstances, as set forth in Sections 22.4.3 and 22.11 of the ISO Tariff and in Section 2.6 of the Business Practice Manual for BPM Change Management.  An emergency PRR will continue through the BPM change management stakeholder process to obtain stakeholder input on the revisions and make other recommendations, as necessary.


Please note that affected parties must register in order to submit a PRR or written comments.


Julia Payton at 916-608-1133 or

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