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The ISO RSS (or really simple syndication) feeds are content feeds from our website that allow you to easily stay informed on key topics by retrieving the latest content. To subscribe, simply copy and paste the link to the RSS feed you are interested in into your feed reader or news aggregator software.


Right-click and copy the RSS feed link to your feed reader or news aggregator.


Business Practice Manual Change Management RSS Feeds
Separate RSS feeds are available for each Proposed Change Request (PRR) to the ISO Business Practice Manuals (BPMs). These feeds provide notification of updates to a PRR and changes to a PRR’s stage. To subscribe, navigate to the desired PRR Summary Page from the BPM Change Management site and copy and paste the RSS Feed link from the upper right corner of the page into your reader or RSS aggregator.

Stakeholder Initiative RSS Feeds
2016-2017 Transmission planning process RSS Feed RSS
Aliso Canyon gas electric coordination RSS Feed RSS
Benefits of a Regional Energy Market RSS Feed RSS
Bid cost recovery and variable energy resource settlements RSS Feed RSS
Bidding rules enhancements RSS Feed RSS
Budget and grid management charge RSS Feed RSS
Capacity procurement mechanism replacement RSS Feed RSS
Commitment Cost Enhancements Phase 3 RSS Feed RSS
Competitive solicitation process enhancements RSS Feed RSS
Contingency modeling enhancements RSS Feed RSS
Energy imbalance market RSS Feed RSS
Energy Imbalance Market year 1 enhancements RSS Feed RSS
Energy Imbalance Market (EIM) Participants RSS Feed RSS
Energy storage and distributed energy resources phase 1 RSS Feed RSS
Energy storage and distributed energy resources phase 2 RSS Feed RSS
Expanding metering and telemetry options RSS Feed RSS
Flexible ramping product RSS Feed RSS
Flexible resource adequacy criteria and must offer obligations RSS Feed RSS
Frequency response RSS Feed RSS
Generator contingency and remedial action scheme modeling RSS Feed RSS
Generator interconnection driven network upgrade cost recovery RSS Feed RSS
Load serving entity definition refinement RSS Feed RSS
Local capacity requirements process RSS Feed RSS
Metering Rules Enhancements RSS Feed RSS
Reactive Power Requirements and Financial Compensation RSS Feed RSS
Regional resource adequacy RSS Feed RSS
Regional integration California greenhouse gas compliance RSS Feed RSS
Reliability services RSS Feed RSS
Review transmission access charge wholesale billing determinant RSS Feed RSS
Self-schedules bid cost recovery allocation and bid floor RSS Feed RSS
Stakeholder initiatives catalog process RSS Feed RSS
Transmission access charge options RSS Feed RSS
Market Notice RSS Feeds