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Standards compliance helps ensure reliable power transmission

The ISO is responsible for compliance with applicable mandatory standards issued by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation and its regional entity for standards oversight, the Western Electricity Coordinating Council. The ISO also complies with standards issued by North American Energy Standards Board.


Dispute processes

Guidance for submitting timely, valid and effective disputes with adequate supporting information.

Metering and telemetry

Guidelines for metering certification, requirements for self-audit of settlement quality meter data, and requirements for direct telemetry of participating resources.
  • Modeling, data and analysis
    These documents describe the processes, procedures and assumptions used to calculate available transfer capability in compliance with the North American Reliability Corporation Modeling, Data and Analysis reliability standards and North American Energy Standards.
  • Methodology

Outage management guidelines

Procedures, manuals and requirements describe the processes and responsibilities for reporting outages to the ISO.

Reliability requirements

Rules provide for counting resources towards meeting a load serving entity’s planning reserve margin for its obligations and making the resources available to the ISO.

Transmission access charge

Reporting requirements for scheduling coordinators who submit load schedules for non-participating transmission owners within the ISO balancing authority and how the ISO uses such information to calculate the wheeling access charge.

Transmission maintenance procedures

Transmission planning standards

The Planning Standards assure consistent reliability standards across the ISO controlled grid, above those established by NERC and WECC, that will maintain or improve transmission system reliability to a level appropriate for the California system and will ensure secure and reliable operation of the ISO controlled grid.