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Transparent rules and regulations help safeguard reliability

This corporate library puts everything you need to know about doing business with us at your fingertips. Research legal policies and notices as well as our contracts and agreements. Business practice manuals and operating procedures are also found here.


Know the rules



Diligent oversight ensures a competitive market.

Business practice manuals

BPMs provide detailed rules, procedures and examples for the administration, operation, planning and accounting requirements of the ISO and the market that are consistent with the ISO tariff.

Operating procedures

Operating procedures implement the policies and authorities contained in the California ISO tariff and business practice manuals.

Requirements and guidelines

The ISO is responsible for compliance with applicable mandatory standards.

Legal policies and notices

The ISO provides public notices of Alternative Dispute Resolution, government information requests, corporate records and open meetings.

Contracts and agreements

The ISO enters into agreements with market participants to define the rates, terms and conditions of service that we administer in accordance with our tariff.


The ISO compliance program oversees ISO compliance with the NERC compliance monitoring and enforcement program, internal investigations and ISO tariff, policies and procedures.