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Contracts and agreements

The ISO enters into agreements with market participants to define the rates, terms and conditions of service that are administered by the ISO in accordance with our tariff. The references below include standard forms of agreement for service and access to information, as well as non-standard forms that generally are specifically negotiated, such as the transmission control agreement.


  • Contracts and agreements
    • Contracted entity required notifications
      We provide required notifications for entities that have entered into contracts with California ISO.
    • Local area reliability service
    • Non disclosure agreements
      Certain secure planning and market systems data are available upon compliance with the applicable Submission Instructions and submittal of a non-disclosure agreement. Requesting entities must be members of the Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC) or have an approved WECC Base Case Data Request Package prior to requesting access to this data.
    • Non pro forma agreements
    • Participating transmission owner applications submitted
      See terms and conditions for agreements between California ISO and transmission owners.
    • Pro forma agreements and associated documentation
      Pro forma agreements are routinely executed between the California ISO and market participants. For access to agreements please refer to the current ISO Tariff Appendices. Supporting documents (Information Request Sheets / Registration Forms / Schedule Templates) are located below. For Entity Assignments, Entity Name Changes, Project Name Changes, Schedule Revisions, or Terminations, please contact Regulatory Contracts for instructions and templates.
    • Reliability standard agreements