ISO interconnection request process flow
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A streamlined process for interconnecting generating facilities

The generation interconnection planning process helps power plants interconnect to the ISO grid. We provide information and resources to help you understand and comply with requirements.


Process and requirements

Generator interconnection application process  
Learn requirements and processes for successful interconnection of a resource to the California ISO grid to participate in the wholesale energy markets.

Generation participation
  • Generation interconnection and deliverability allocation procedures
    Summary information about the cluster study process.
  • Deliverability for distributed generation - studies and reports
    Understand the process for requesting deliverability for distributed generation facilities.
  • Generation interconnection affected systems
  • Modification assessments
    The ISO evaluates a variety of modification requests for interconnection customers’ generator projects with the Material Modification Assessment process. The modification process is described in the BPM for Generator Management.

Resource data template

Generation developers must submit this document to for review and as part of the generator interconnection process.
  • Resource data submission
    The Generator Resource Data Template and the Intertie Resource Data Template are used to submit requests to add or change specific operating parameters that reside in the Master File. For updates to existing data, scheduling coordinators must make any changes on the templates downloaded from the Master File user interface or application programming interface. Scheduling coordinators then submit updated templates using the user interface UPLOAD function or the programming interface SUBMIT services. Requests for new system resources should be sent to in the New Intertie Resource Request template.