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August 23, 2021


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CPM Significant Event - Intent to Solicit and Designate Capacity - Continued Effort and Reminder


The California ISO announced in a previous notice (link to July 1 notice) that the combination of several factors constituted a Capacity Procurement Mechanism (CPM) significant event that may last through October. That market notice also requested scheduling coordinators with non-resource adequacy capacity that is available and willing to receive a significant event CPM designation during this significant event to contact the ISO as soon as possible.


The ISO is continuing to seek capacity that can meet the intended minimum designation criteria of being available at least during the net peak hours (4 p.m. - 9 p.m.) and, for imports, both deliverable to the ISO at the delivery intertie and supported by firm transmission (or reasonably equivalent) rights to the delivery intertie. Parties with available capacity should contact the ISO by submitting both a Customer Inquiry, Dispute and Information (CIDI) ticket and offers to the intra-monthly CPM competitive solicitation processes (CSP) for September and October.


The CIDI ticket should include the following information:

  1. Resource ID(s)
  2. MW available and eligible for CPM
  3. Dates the capacity is available to serve as CPM capacity
  4. If the scheduling coordinator is likely to accept a 60-day designation extension were it offered
  5. If the scheduling coordinator intends to seek compensation above the soft offer cap through a cost showing approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

The prior notice also requested that, for informational purposes, scheduling coordinators that would accept a designation based on compensation above the soft offer cap justified on a basis other than the tariff-based formula contact the ISO through a CIDI ticket with the above-noted subject line and resource information. The ISO reiterates that request as well.


Capacity designated under the CPM significant event authority holds an initial 30-day designation term with a potential 60-day extension if the ISO determines the CPM significant event is likely to extend beyond the initial 30-day term and the scheduling coordinator accepts the 60-day extension.


Please submit your offers via CIDI or by contacting ISO Customer Service at 916-608-7320. For questions, please contact Abdul Mohammed-Ali at 916-671-9678.


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