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March 12, 2019


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CPUC Annual Resource Adequacy Subpoena Issued


The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) served its annual Resource Adequacy (RA) subpoena on the California ISO on March 11, 2019. The CPUC is requesting data from the ISO in twenty-two broad categories. The due date for any objections to the production of responsive information is noon on March 27, 2019.


California Assembly Bill 380, now Public Utilities Code § 380, requires that the CPUC, in consultation with the ISO, establish RA requirements for all load serving entities within the CPUC jurisdiction. The CPUC Energy Division administers the RA program, reviews all RA-related compliance filings, and advises the presiding Administrative Law Judge in ongoing RA proceedings.


The CPUC served its annual Resource Adequacy subpoena on the ISO on March 11, 2019, which is available on the ISO website at


The CPUC is requesting data from the ISO in twenty-two broad categories: (1) RA import allocations, (2) supply plans filed and monthly supply plan validations for RA resources, (3) list of units confirmed to provide RA to the ISO, (4) economic bids and self-schedules, (5) exceptional dispatch reports, (6) ISO settlement quality meter data, (7) access to outage management system (OMS) data, (8) quarterly ISO Masterfile data, (9) 2020 flexible capacity needs assessment data and allocations, (10) access to customer interface for resource adequacy (CIRA) data base, (11) energy management system (EMS) data, (12a) capacity procurement mechanism (CPM) and capacity solicitation process results, (12b) CPM and reliability must run (RMR) settlement data, (13) flexible resource adequacy criteria must offer obligation 2 (FRACMOO2) methodology work papers supporting FRACMOO2 draft final proposal, (14) reliability event reports sent to the Western Electricity Coordinating Council, (15) demand response (PDR/RDRR) and non-generating resource (NGR) settlement data, (16) CPUC jurisdictional load serving entity (LSE) annual and monthly deficiency notifications, (17) local capacity study data, (18) local residual analysis, (19) CPM and RMR designation capacity and costs allocations, (20) notices of intent to retire/mothball/return to service, (21) California Energy Commission subpoena data, and (22) transmission planning process data. The CPUC requests this data to allow it to evaluate the success of the RA program on an annual basis, and to determine whether program modifications could improve the CPUC's ability to fulfill its statutory program in future program years. The 2019 schedule for data releases is located on pages 17-19 of Exhibit A to the subpoena.


Any market participant that objects to the ISO producing the requested documents and information must submit its objection by noon on March 27, 2019, along with a court order or other appropriate order that prohibits disclosure in response to the subpoena. Unless the ISO receives such an order by the listed due date, the ISO will thereafter respond to the subpoena.


Please direct any such order, questions or comments to ISO Senior Counsel John Spomer at and to ISO Paralegal Martha Sedgley at The CPUC contact is Christopher Clay, Assistant General Counsel, at



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