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December 5, 2018


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Generator Contingency and Remedial Action Scheme Modeling: External BRS Updated


The California ISO has posted an updated External Business Requirements Specification (BRS) for the Generator Contingency and Remedial Action Scheme Modeling (GCARM) project to document the following scope changes:

  • Removed Partial Injection Outage functionality from the GCARM type of preventive contingency, however it was kept in the Appendix formulation for aggregate market resource model.
  • Replaced “same Balancing Authority Area (BAA)” with “entire market” for virtual bidding lost injection allocation.
  • Added Business Requirements related to Generation Flow Factor (GFF) broadcast consumption, storage and reporting.
  • Used Maximum Generation (Load) MW Level (Pmax) derates for Generation Distribution Factor (GDF) calculations.
  • Added functionality for the treatment of Virtual Schedules.
  • Added requirement for topology processor to identify lost injection from switch positions.
  • Market Applications and Congestion Revenue Rights (CRR) to consume Frequency Response (FR) Flag on physical resources level.
  • Updated CRR GDF calculation to account for entire western region.
  • Added requirement clarification notes to multiple Business Requirements.
  • Added internal ISO requirements and enhancements.

The External BRS is available on the ISO website at


Amr Bahbah - Business Analyst -

LeAnne McLaughlin - Project Manager - Program Management Office -


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