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January 31, 2020


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Notification of Revised ISO Operating Procedures 1360, 3530, 3530I, 5320 and 5330


The California ISO has revised the operating procedures referenced below.


1360 Day-Ahead Generator Forbidden Operating Regions, version 2.0, effective Jan. 31, 2020

Periodic Review:

Section 3.1, ISO Generation Desk, #1, 2nd bullet: updated to send a Market Notification System message.

Section 5: Minor reference update.

Minor format and grammar changes.


3530 Scheduling for Stranded Loads, version 8.4, effective Jan. 31, 2020

Added VEA Load condition to Section 2.2.


3530I Stranded Load Scheduling - Public Attachment, version 2.3, effective Jan. 31, 2020  

Added VEA Load #2 scenario for VEA stranded load for loss of Sloan Canyon-Eldorado 230kV line and renamed scenarios to reflect the addition. Updated OASIS Transmission Outage, Column E to correctly match 3530H for VEA Load #1 scenario. Clarified Scheduling Description, Column K info for all four Cascade scenarios and VEA Load #1 scenario.


5320 Resource Trial Operations and Test Energy Process, version 4.0, effective Jan. 31, 2020

Periodic Review - Updates include:

Section 1: Added to ISO Transmission Desk responsibilities.

Section 3.1: Updated minimum to 10 calendar days prior to first planned sync date.

Section 3.2: Updated Initial Sync process step and New Resource Implementation action for Sync Approval email.

Section 3.3: Removed the need of manual market award for “both” sides, as ZPTG Export pseudo-tie resources no longer need to be manually awarded with Interchange transaction scheduler patch enhancement.

Minor grammar and format changes.


5330 Resource Testing Guidelines, version 11.4, effective Jan. 31, 2020

Section 3.2.4: Updated Operator communication and logging information for requested tests.

Updated to include steps related to Scheduling Coordinators Initiated Unit Testing.

Added review and approvals section back to procedure, minor format and grammar updates.


ISO Operating Procedures -


ISO Procedure Control Desk at

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