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February 4, 2021


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Notification of Revised RC West Operating Procedures RC0210, RC0410 and RC0660


RC West has revised the operating procedures referenced below.


RC0210 Monitoring Frequency and Balancing Authority Performance, version 1.2, effective Feb. 4, 2021.

Sections 3.4.1 and 3.4.2: Updated guidelines for evaluating contingency reserve deficiency with non-RSG (Reserve Sharing Group) and RSG BAs (Balancing Authorities). Clarified references to RC0410 to determine criteria for EEA (Energy Emergency Alert) level. Replaced CAISO RC with RC West and updated References section. Minor format and grammar updates.

Approved by Real-Time Working Group (RTWG). .


RC0410 System Emergencies, version 3.0, effective Feb. 4, 2021

Annual Review: Updated criteria for issuing EEAs in Section 3.1, and clarified references to RC0210. Updated all RC West procedure references and updated procedure review frequency to “Annual”.

Approved by Real-Time Working Group (RTWG).

RC0660 Transmission Relay Loadability: NERC PRC-023-4, version 1.2, effective Feb. 4, 2021

Updated instances of CAISO RC to RC West.

Section 3: Removed first item from RC West Operations Engineering Team responsibilities and updated CIDI (Customer Inquiry, Dispute and Information System) references.


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