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February 15, 2019


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OASIS User-Interface Application Version 7.0.0: Deployment Scheduled on 2/19/19


The California ISO will deploy Open Access Same-Time Information System (OASIS) user-interface production application release version 7.0.0 on Feb. 19, 2019, with the following:

  • Updated graphical user-interface look and feel: text, buttons, icons, drop-down
  • Three new user-interface reports related to the FERC844 project: Operator-Initiated Commitment, Resource-Specific Uplift, Zonal Uplift Payment
  • In addition to the user-interface changes, a new application programming interface (API) is available for the Day-Ahead Scheduling Constraint Shadow Prices report

This release does not impact any of the existing report data nor any of the existing application programming interfaces (API).


The following technical documents related to the OASIS Independent 2019 Release are accessible on the ISO website's Release Planning page at


OASIS Release Notes - OASIS 7.0.0 v1.0:


Interface Specification for OASIS 5.1.7 - Clean:


Interface Specification for OASIS 5.1.7 - Redline:


Schema File Package v1.0:


For any production issues encountered with this release deployment, please contact the ISO Service Desk at 1-888-889-0450 or your Client Representative.

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