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November 25, 2019


Request for Comment


Business Practice Manuals

BPM Change Management: Proposed Revision Requests and Updated BPMs Posted as of 11/25/19


The California ISO has posted new proposed revision requests (PRRs) reflecting edits to Business Practice Manuals (BPM). Revised BPMs that have completed the BPM change management process are posted in the BPM Library.


All PRRs and related activity are publicly available through the BPM change management site at


The PRRs listed below have an open 10-business day comment or appeal period from Nov. 25, 2019, through Dec. 11


New PRRs

PRR 1218 Generator Interconnection and Deliverability Allocation Procedures BPM, 2018 interconnection process enhancements-affected systems clarifications, cost responsibility updates, and reliability network upgrades reimbursement cap updates

PRR 1217 Congestion Revenue Rights BPM, Clarification of congestion revenue rights processes 2019

PRR 1216 Settlements and Billing BPM, Update the settlement charge code to adjust the effective date of the shaping functionality for static and dynamic energy transfer system resources back to 4/4/2018

PRR 1215 Settlements and Billing BPM, Updated BPM configuration guides for charge code 6700 congestion revenue rights hourly settlement and charge code 6701 monthly congestion revenue rights true-up to resolve CRR notional amount processing issue for the CRR monthly true-up

PRR 1214 Outage Management BPM, Discovery date/time for forced outages

PRR 1213 Generator Management BPM, Termination of negotiated bids upon retirement


ISO Recommendations

PRR 1207 Transmission Planning Process BPM, Update for electromagnetic transient model submission extension

PRR 1206 Generator Interconnection and Deliverability Allocation Procedures BPM, Updates to project name guidelines, downsizing process, and affidavits for allocation

PRR 1205 Generator Management BPM, Clarifying assessment required upon retirement if storage unit desires to remain

PRR 1204 Credit Management and Market Clearing BPM, Revisions related to updated language for reliability must run contracts

PRR 1202 Settlements and Billing BPM, Emergency PRR, Update real time marginal losses offset charge code 6985 to properly calculate the total real time market unaccounted for energy marginal loss amount by balancing authority areas; and the output section of configuration guide pre-calculation real time congestion for energy imbalance market balancing authority area total unaccounted for energy quantity


ISO Final Decisions

PRR 1201 Generator Management BPM, Banking and accounting process clarification

PRR 1200 Definitions and Acronyms BPM, Update to reflect spring 2019 Tariff update

PRR 1199 Energy Imbalance Market BPM, Historical intertie deviation

PRR 1198 Reliability Requirements BPM, Quarterly California Public Utilities Commission provided updates


PRR Placed On Hold

The ISO has placed PRR 1203 on hold as CCDEBE will not move forward into implementation until after we receive a final FERC order.

PRR 1203 Market Instruments BPM, Emergency PRR, Commitment cost default energy bid enhancements


BPM Library updates

The reference document on the ISO website lists the updated BPMs in the library.


The ISO may unilaterally make and implement revisions to the BPMs in emergency circumstances, as set forth in Sections 22.4.3 and 22.11 of the ISO Tariff and in Section 2.6 of the Business Practice Manual for BPM Change Management.  An emergency PRR will continue through the BPM change management stakeholder process to obtain stakeholder input on the revisions and make other recommendations, as necessary.


Please note that affected parties must register in order to submit a PRR or written comments.


More information on the BPM change management process is available on the ISO website at


Julia Payton at 916-608-1133 or

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