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March 30, 2021


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BPM Change Management: Proposed Revision Requests and Updated BPMs Posted as of 3/30/21


The California ISO has posted new proposed revision requests (PRRs) reflecting edits to Business Practice Manuals (BPM). Revised BPMs that have completed the BPM change management process are posted in the BPM Library.


All PRRs and related activity are publicly available through the BPM change management site at


New Feature: BPM PRR updates will now be part of the ISO Daily Briefing in addition to being listed in the “Announcement” sections of the BPM change management tool. These updates will include PRRs that have become available for review, upcoming BPM meetings, and comment due dates. All registered BPM users should continue to reference the BPM Change Management tool to see current PRR status. To sign up for the Daily Briefing, please go to:


The PRRs listed below have an open 10-business day comment or appeal period from March 30, 2021 through April 13, 2021.


New PRRs


PRR 1334 Market Operations BPM, State of charge reservation for regulation

PRR 1335 Settlements and Billing BPM, Emergency PRR, Update CC 7020 reliability must run capacity payment BPM to clawback excess revenue when reliability must run designation is for system transmission access charge area

PRR 1336 Market Instruments BPM, Emergency PRR, FERC order 831 compliance for energy cost recovery price screening

PRR 1337 Market Operations BPM, Emergency PRR, FERC order 831 compliance for energy cost recovery penalty prices


ISO Recommendations


PRR 1326 Metering BPM, Pseudo ties for shared resources

PRR 1327 Direct Telemetry BPM, Pseudo ties for shared resources

PRR 1328 Settlements and Billing BPM, To support the hybrid resources phase 1 initiative, configuration changes are needed to settle hybrid resources for forecasting services

PRR 1329 Settlements and Billing BPM, Updated multiple BPM configuration guides to accommodate the real time settlement review - phase 1 initiative

PRR 1330 Settlements and Billing BPM, Updated BPM configuration guide for CC 8835 annual resource adequacy availability incentive mechanism neutrality to accommodate adding a flexible formula stream

PRR 1331 Settlements and Billing BPM, Updated BPM configuration guide pc system resource deemed delivered energy quantity to accommodate system resources whose e-tags are curtailed in the middle of the trade hour

PRR 1332 Settlements and Billing BPM, Adding attribute to support unique pricing for day ahead marginal cost of losses price in day ahead settlement

PRR 1333 Settlements and Billing BPM, Updated BPM configuration guide for pc spin non-spin no pay quantity to accommodate channel 4 meter quantity being included for lesr and ddr resources


ISO Final Decisions


PRR 1314 Outage Management BPM, Commitment cost enhancement phase 3 Tariff clarification for hydro units

PRR 1315 Reliability Requirements BPM, Commitment cost enhancement tariff clarification process policy initiative

PRR 1316 Reliability Requirements BPM, Emergency PRR, Clarification on PRR 1280 Status

PRR 1317 Market Operations BPM, Clarifying language for market operations BPM for resource adequacy bidding obligation

PRR 1318 Direct Telemetry BPM, New telemetry requirements due to NERC standard BAL-003-1.1

PRR 1319 Definitions and Acronyms BPM, Annual update an reconciliation for definitions and acronyms

PRR 1320 Settlements and Billing BPM, Emergency PRR Update metered subsystems deviation penalty quantity pre-calculation BPM to resolve excess behind the meter production issue for load following metered subsystems

PRR 1321 Market Instruments BPM, Proxy demand resources dispatch information


BPM Library updates

The reference document on the ISO website lists the updated BPMs in the library.


The ISO may unilaterally make and implement revisions to the BPMs in emergency circumstances, as set forth in Sections 22.4.3 and 22.11 of the ISO Tariff and in Section 2.6 of the Business Practice Manual for BPM Change Management.  An emergency PRR will continue through the BPM change management stakeholder process to obtain stakeholder input on the revisions and make other recommendations, as necessary.


Please note that affected parties must register in order to submit a PRR or written comments.


More information on the BPM change management process is available on the ISO website at


Nicole Hines at 916-608-5862 or

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