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2012-2013 Transmission planning process

The 2012-2013 transmission planning cycle includes stakeholder activities from 2012 through October 2013. Through this annual process, the ISO identifies potential system limitations and opportunities for system reinforcements. The core product of this process is the comprehensive ISO Transmission Plan, which specifies the mitigation solutions to meet the infrastructure needs of the ISO grid.



Board of Governors approval: March 20, 2013

Current meeting


Phase 3 - select project sponsor

Project sponsors submit proposals for transmission solutions that are eligible for competitive solicitation and were approved by the ISO Board in the comprehensive transmission plan at the end of phase 2.

Competitive solicitation

Phase 2 - conduct technical studies and develop comprehensive plan

The ISO performs technical studies, and with stakeholders develops an annual comprehensive transmission plan that examines the ISO controlled grid and reliability requirements and identifies mitigation solutions. Transmission mitigation solutions may meet reliability, economic or public policy-driven needs that support state, federal, municipal and county policy requirements and directives.

2012-2013 transmission plan

Accelerated competitive solicitation process - Imperial Valley area

Policy driven and economic assessment

Conceptual statewide plan

2012-2013 eligible generator interconnection procedures network upgrades


Long-term congestion revenue rights feasibility study


Reliability assessments

Local capacity requirement

Central California study

Phase 1 - develop study plan

In collaboration with stakeholders, the ISO develops and finalizes a study plan that consists of a common set of assumptions for reliability and other planning studies the ISO will perform in Phase 2. The development of a conceptual statewide transmission plan begins in this phase and may be completed during Phase 1 or Phase 2. Stakeholders may also request economic planning studies to assess potential economic benefits (such as congestion relief) in specific areas of the grid.

Study plan

Renewable portfolios