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  • Pool of bids in the integrated forward market
    This initiative modified a current market rule which limits the pool of bids considered in the Integrated Forward Market (IFM) to resources that are dispatched in the Local Market Power Mitigation procedures run prior to the IFM (ISO Tariff Section 31.2). The ISO is considering three options on this market rule: 1) maintain the rule but continue to monitor market impacts under different market conditions; 2) modify tariff/BPM to give ISO operators the option of relaxing the rule if it is significantly impacting IFM results; or 3) modify tariff to require consideration of all bids in IFM.
    • Outcome
      Implemented ISO Tariff amendment allowing bids from resources not committed in the Market Power Mitigation and Reliability Requirement Determination (MPM-RRD) process to compete with bids from resources that are committed in the MPM-RRD process.— Effective: Dec. 2, 2009; FERC approval: Dec. 1, 2009 (ER10-28); Board of Governors approval: Sept. 10, 2009
    • Pool of bids in the integrated forward market - papers and proposals
    • Pool of bids in the integrated forward market - tariff language
    • Comments on straw proposal
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