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  • Reliability demand response product
    The Reliability Demand Response Product (RDRP) is a wholesale demand response product that enables compatibility with, and integration of, existing retail emergency-triggered demand response programs into the California ISO market and operations. This includes newly configured demand response resources that have a reliability trigger and desire to be dispatched only under particular system conditions.
    • Outcome
      On May 01, 2014, the ISO implemented a new resource model that reduces barriers to participation for demand response providers by providing them the ability to submit day-ahead economic and real-time emergency energy bids on behalf of retail emergency-triggered demand response programs. — Implemented: May 01, 2014; FERC approval: Mar 28, 2014; Tariff amendment filing: May 20, 2011 (ER11-3616) (ER13-2192); Board of Governors approval: Nov 01, 2010
    • Reliability demand response product - papers and proposals