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  • 2007 special reports and presentations
    • Decision on Bid Caps for Start-up and Minimum Load Bids under MRTU
    • Decision on Market Surveillance Committee Reappointment
    • Decision Regarding Refinements to Load Scheduling Requirements
    • MRTU Exceptional Dispatches
    • Day-Ahead Scheduling Requirement Under MRTU
    • Bid Caps for Start Up and Minimum Load Bids Under MRTU
    • Capacity Markets
    • Declines of Pre-Dispatched Inter-tie Bids
    • Competitive Path Assessment
    • Convergence Bidding
    • Short Term Competitive Index Estimates
    • Competitive Path Assessment for MRTU Release 1 Stakeholder Meeting 12-Jun-2007
    • Assessment of MRTU Local Market Power Mitigation