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  • Real-time imbalance energy offset (2011)
    The ISO has observed an increase in the real-time imbalance energy offset, concurrent with the February 1 implementation of convergence bidding and the April 1, 2011 bid cap increase to $1000 per megawatt hour. Through this initiative, the ISO will evaluate both the drivers of the offset and potential rate design changes of the real-time imbalance energy offset (charge code CC 6477) currently described in Section of the ISO tariff.
    • Real-time imbalance energy offset (2011) - papers and proposals
    • Real-time imbalance energy offset (2011) - tariff development
    • Comments on draft final proposal
    • Comments on revised straw proposal - impact of convergence bidding on interties
    • Comments on revised straw proposal and intermediate term options
    • Comments on issue paper and straw proposal
    • Comments on draft tariff language