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  • Post emergency bid cost recovery filing review
    The ISO made two emergency filings with FERC in the first half of 2011 to mitigate observed adverse market behavior. Several strategies were being employed that aimed to expand uplift payments. The ISO committed to conducting a process for stakeholders to comment and raise any further changes or refinements to proposed tariff amendments. The ISO has opened this initiative as a forum for stakeholders to discuss market behavior that expands bid cost recovery uplift payments and develop rule changes if necessary needed to address such behavior.
    • Outcome
      On May 01, 2014 the ISO implemented two market changes to mitigate the potential for inflated bid cost recovery. The first change was to the bid cost recovery eligibility for generators operating at minimum output. The second change requires generators that have operating characteristics most accurately and efficiently modeled as multi-stage generating resources to register as one. — Implemented: May 01, 2014; FERC approval: Mar 20, 2014; Tariff amendment filing: Jul 30, 2013 (ER13-2063) (ER14-1004); Board of Governors approval: Feb 16, 2012
    • Post emergency bid cost recovery filing review - papers and proposals