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  • Peak reliability coordinator funding
    In 2014, the Western Electricity Coordinating Council transferred its reliability function to a new independent entity called Peak Reliability. As a result of the change, the ISO will now receive a reliability coordinator services bill from Peak Reliability. This initiative will address changes to the ISO settlement and payment processes necessary to pass the reliability coordinator charges to market participants. The new funding approach will begin with the 2016 budget, with annual invoices to the funding parties issued in November 2015 for payment in early January 2016.
    • Outcome
      The ISO implemented changes to its settlement and payment processes to pass the reliability coordinator changes to market participants. — Implemented: Oct 22, 2015; FERC approval: Oct 15, 2015; Tariff amendment filing: Aug 13, 2015 (ER15-2441) (ER15-2642); Board of Governors approval: Jun 30, 2015
    • Peak reliability coordinator funding - papers and proposals