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  • Applications of approval archive
    • A.99-09-029 PG&E application - re Northeast San Jose transmission reinforcement project
    • A.99-11-025 PG&E application - re Tri-Valley 2002 capacity increase project
    • A.01-03-036 SDG&E application - re Valley-Rainbow 500 KV interconnect project
    • A.01-04-012 PG&E conditional application - re Los Banos-Gates 500 kV transmission project
    • A.02-07-022 SDG&E application - certificate of public convenience and necessity for Miguel - Mission 230 Kv #2 project
    • A.02-09-043 PG&E application - re construction of Jefferson-Martin 230kV transmission project
    • A.03-12-039 PG&E application - permit to construct Portrero to Hunters Point 115 kV cable project pursuant to General Order 131-D
      Pacific Gas and Electric Company
    • A.04-03-008 Otay Mesa power purchase agreement transmission project
    • A.04-12-007 SCE Company application - Antelope-Pardee 500kV transmission project
    • A.05-01-016 PG&E application - implement default CPP rate options for large customers
    • A.05-01-017 SDG&E application - adoption of 2005 default critical peak pricing structure for commercial and industrial customers
    • A.05-01-018 SCE application - approval of rate design proposals for large customers
    • A.05.04-015 SCE application - re Devers-Palo Verde No. 2 transmission line project
    • A.05-06-006 PG&E Company application (U 39-E) - approval of 2006-2008 demand response programs and budgets
    • A.06-04-012 PG&E application - approval of long-term request for offer results and adoption of cost recovery and ratemaking mechanisms
    • A.06-11-007 In the matter of SCE application - approval of results of summer 2007 track of its new generation request for offers and Cost recovery
    • A.07-11-009 PG&E application - expedited issuance of certificate of public convenience and necessity of Colusa Power project
    • A.08-03-014 SCE application - approval of its renewable integration and advancement program
    • A.15-08-027 Application of NextEra Energy Transmission West (NEET) - Suncrest project