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  • Resource adequacy initiative
    Resource Adequacy (RA) is a mandatory planning and procurement process to ensure adequate resources to serve all customers in real time. The program requires that Load Serving Entities (LSEs) meet a Planning Reserve Margin for their obligations. The program provides deliverability criteria that each LSE must meet, as well as system and local capacity requirements. Rules are provided for "counting" resources towards meeting resource adequacy obligations. The resources that are counted for RA purposes must make themselves available to the California ISO for the capacity for which they were counted. The ISO's Interim Reliability Requirements Program and the resource adequacy under MRTU tariff provisions are intended to complement the State of California's efforts to implement resource adequacy programs.
    • Proposed Tariff Amendment Presented at Board of Governors Meeting 7-Mar-2007
    • Revised Draft of ISO Tariff to Establish Interim Reliability Program (Pre-MRTU )
    • Resource Adequacy Import Allocation Tariff Language
    • Outcome
      Tariff amendment filing - import capability for resource adequacy: Mar 22, 2007 (ER07-648)
    • March 22, 2007 Amendment Filing to Allocate Import Capacity for RA under MRTU