An Energy Matters Conversation on Control Center improvements

By ISO Staff |

Strategic Objective 1 in the California ISO’s 2022-2026 Strategic Plan is to “Reliably and efficiently integrate new resources by proactively upgrading operational capabilities.”

As the Strategic Plan states, “To continue meeting customer demand in real-time, we must take advantage of advances in technology to continuously evolve the grid and respond to the rapid pace of change in the energy industry and world around us. The tools our operators use to balance demand for energy with supply must be intuitive and make the most of automation. Additional and advanced tools are essential to prevent information overload and increase situational awareness.”

That strategic objective is captured in the ISO’s ongoing Control Center Foundational Improvement and Modernization program. The Control Center has been referred to as the “heart and soul” of the ISO because that’s where the real-time action affecting reliability occurs.

We hope you will go to the ISO Channel on YouTube to watch our first Energy Matters Conversation of 2024, an important and lively discussion on the Control Center project with experts John Phipps, the ISO’s executive director of Grid Operations Tricia Johnstone, director of Operational Readiness, and Brian Murray, interim director of Real-Time Operations.

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