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Energy oversupply - managing a greener grid

How western EIM works video

Exploring regional solutions for a green grid

The California ISO is continually pursuing strategies to manage higher amounts of renewable energy into the electricity system. Studies by the ISO show that expanding the energy market across the western US region would accelerate California’s efforts to meet the state’s ambitious clean energy goals, while saving costs, lowering emissions, and promoting economic growth. The ISO is also exploring other options to unlock the potential of new technology and innovation, and is committed to working with stakeholders from around the West to create a modern, efficient, and green grid.


Regional ISO highlights

Documents and presentations

Technical reports and studies

  • Historical Resource Adequacy Exports from Northwest Power Pool to ISO
    In response to a request by the Northwest Power Pool (NWPP), the ISO prepared this analysis of Resource Adequacy (RA) imports. The analysis is based on historical data of the ISO RA import contracts and energy flows between the NWPP and ISO footprints.
  • Senate Bill 350 regional integration studies
  • Independent regional grid studies