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Providing centralized access to transparent information

We know it is difficult keeping up with the latest developments in the complex and changing California energy market. There is a lot going on — new initiatives, policy changes, and technical bulletins. So bookmark this page. It is the place to keep up to date on the key activities of the California ISO.


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Stay informed

Board and committees

Follow the actions of the California ISO Board of Governors and its committees in shaping corporate policies while balancing commercial and public policy objectives.

Stakeholder processes

Stakeholder input is essential and often critical to ISO planning processes and for successful implementation of new initiatives from policy development to implementation.

Release planning

A collaborative process between the ISO and market participants assesses market initiative implementation impacts.

Clean, green grid

The ISO is committed to reforming and preparing the wholesale market for California’s environmental policies and renewable energy.

Managing oversupply

During periods of surplus energy, the ISO's market will automatically reduce the production of energy from renewable resources, ensuring that supply and demand remain in balance.

Energy Imbalance Market (EIM)

ISO advanced market systems automatically balance supply and demand for electricity every fifteen minutes across the EIM region and dispatches the least-cost resources every five-minutes to optimize available energy supplies.

Regional energy market

A regional approach to coordinating energy production and management will reduce carbon emissions in the West and more efficiently use current and future renewable resources that are sustainable and at less cost.

Reliability coordinator

The California ISO's RC West is the Reliability Coordinator (RC) of record for 41 balancing authorities and transmission operators in the western United States..

Meetings and events

ISO meetings ensure transparency and stakeholder input.

Helpful resources


Subscriptions and notifications

Sign up for important notifications regarding ISO operations and markets, alerts and emergencies, and upcoming events.

Recent documents

The most recent documents posted to the ISO website are presented here.

Bulletins, reports and studies

We provide centralized access here to all ISO Technical bulletins, reports and studies.

Regulatory filings and orders

We provide centralized access to filings and orders with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and California Public Utilities Commission.