Advanced technology pilots

Developers of advanced technologies can partner with the ISO to test capabilities of emerging technologies through the ISO advanced technology pilot process. This process provides a consistent method for proposing, evaluating and executing a pilot. Pilots are expected to produce results that shape policy and product development while advancing technologies that improve system performance, enhance grid reliability and better enable preferred resources participation in the wholesale market.

Advanced technology pilot process

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Pilot eligibility

Before submitting a proposal, applicants must carefully evaluate their ability to meet the pilot's objectives and the value it would provide for the ISO. Proposals are considered only when the following are demonstrated:

  • Full funding
  • Fundamental knowledge of ISO wholesale markets
  • Scheduling coordinator certification or such services retained
  • Understanding of the technical requirements for participation
  • Clearly defined and achievable objectives, and
  • Expertise in proposed technology or concept

Getting started

The ISO invites interested parties to download and submit a Pilot Proposal Evaluation Request Questionnaire to begin a formal pilot request. Submit completed questionnaires or questions to

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