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For the grid to run smoothly, your business must run smoothly.

We help make that happen by giving you visibility into procedures, reports and reference information pertinent to grid and market operations, including the full network model, resource modeling, financial settlements, outage and interchange scheduling, transmission maintenance, metering and telemetry. Use this section as your market and operations reference.


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Market processes and products

The California wholesale market operates as other commodity exchanges do and is composed of interrelated processes.

Network and resource modeling

Accurate network modeling supports efficient market operations.

Outage management

Accurate and complete outage scheduling is vital to reliable operation of the transmission system.

Interchange scheduling

Interchange scheduling contracts energy delivery.

Metering and telemetry

Accurate metering of electricity generated or consumed provides key data inputs for accurate settlement calculations.


Quick and accurate settlements help markets function.

Transmission operations

Our operations reporting, coordination and maintenance efforts help keep the lights on for nearly 32 million people in our control area.

Power contracts bulletin board

Find market participant offers to buy or sell power on a long-term basis.

Reports and bulletins

Special reports and audits published by the ISO can help keep you up-to-date on our markets and operations.

Market monitoring

The ISO Department of Market Monitoring keeps a close watch on the efficiency and the effectiveness of the California ISO markets.