Welcome to the new CAISO.com

By Gina Engman, Web Content Writer, Creative and Web Services |

We’re happy to announce the upcoming launch of the new CAISO.com website on May 30. The energy industry is evolving fast, and it’s important to our customers and the public that our website keeps up with the changing times. Our new website will be robust, agile, and innovative, and will help inform and drive our mission to operate the world’s most reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally sustainable power system.

Why the update?

To keep pace with the dynamic worlds of energy and digital communication, we created an intuitive, user-friendly, and device-responsive website to not only showcase the work the ISO is doing as the grid continues to evolve, but to improve user experience and enhance our transparency efforts.

What can I expect from the new CAISO.com?

Our goal was to create a central place for all the ISO-related resources serving our market participants, stakeholders, regulatory and governmental entities, media, and the general public. And we didn’t create the new website in a vacuum—we sought feedback from stakeholders and market participants, to find out what is wanted and needed most from a new website. These suggestions were very helpful in the design and features of our new site, and we thank all of those that participated. Overall, the user experience has been updated to create something modern and more intuitive.

For example: menus will be reorganized based on stakeholder feedback. We’ve floated some of the most visited topics to the top and added a new Stakeholder Center to house information for that broad and diverse community in one area. Our homepage will host more topics allowing quicker access to the latest information and high-traffic topics. You will also find on the right side of many pages an “On this page” link so you can jump down to the topic you’re interested in, offering streamlined content and navigation.

Other valuable features you will find on the new CAISO.com:

  • Mobile device-friendly design
  • A revamped Library (formerly Recent Documents), where users can find documents and reports in one convenient place, organized into popular topics and recently-posted documents
  • Cleaner calendar interface, with preview windows containing relevant documents
  • The new Stakeholder Center will allow quick access to the “Policy initiatives and recurring processes” as well as the “Training center” and “Commenting tool”
  • Added Systems and Applications to the menu at the top of every webpage, making it easy to get to these higher usage areas from anywhere on the site. Portals and applications, certificate information, User Access Administrator (UAA) information, and release planning are all there in the dropdown menu
  • Cleaner, more organized page layouts with documents in tables or lists rather than expandable folders
  • Key data points from Today’s Outlook will continue to be highlighted on the homepage, along with operations notifications for quick communication of grid issues
  • New “Participate with the ISO” section in the Stakeholder Center and the homepage’s “Getting started” section. This page houses links and information on all the possible ways to engage with the ISO
  • Newsroom page with Energy Matters blog, and news releases



What if I can’t find something or need some help?

We understand that change can take some getting used to. We are offering two one-hour training sessions, on May 23 at 9 a.m. PT and on May 29 at 10 a.m. PT. The recording of these sessions will be posted to the website for the public’s use and review after the trainings. We will also provide a “crosswalk” document that lists the old location and the new location for topics that have moved. When it is launched, we hope you’ll browse the new site and experience all of the new functionalities and organization of content. Shortly after launch, we will post short training videos for items users need help with. Anyone still having issues or questions can submit an inquiry using our “Contact us” form.  

The ISO would like to thank all of the employees working diligently the past year to develop and launch the new CAISO.com. This was a huge lift, and the outcome is a broad and valuable modernization of our most important and most used digital communications asset, and in many cases, our primary connection to the public.

As we move toward a more interconnected future, both in the energy and communications fields, the new ISO website will continue to be your go-to place for all information about the electric grid and its ongoing evolution so you can stay informed and involved in the process. Welcome!

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