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BPM change management: Proposed revision requests and updated BPMs posted as of 5/30/24

The California ISO has posted new Proposed Revision Requests (PRRs) reflecting edits to Business Practice Manuals (BPMs). Revised BPMs that have completed the BPM change management process are posted in the BPM Library. All PRRs and related activity are publicly available through the BPM change management site.


BPM PRR updates are part of the ISO Daily Briefing in addition to being listed in the “Announcement” sections of the BPM change management tool. These updates include PRRs that have become available for review, upcoming BPM meetings, and comment due dates. All registered BPM users should continue to reference the BPM Change Management tool to see current PRR status. Subscribe to the Daily Briefing to stay up to date.


The PRRs listed below have an open 10-business day comment or appeal period from May 30, 2024 through June 13, 2024.


New PRRs

PRR 1573 Energy Imbalance Market BPM, Emergency PRR, Clarifications to the CAISO AET Opt-in determination and Opt-in process.

PRR 1574 Market Instruments BPM, Addition of new Real Time Advisory Shutdown Instructions Customer Market Results Interface report.

PRR 1575 Definitions and Acronyms BPM, Declassifying as a BPM, transition to supporting document.

PRR 1576 Market Operations BPM, Addition of contingency-base flowgates to Flexible Ramping Product deployment scenarios.


ISO Recommendations

PRR 1569 Metering BPM, Meter Data Submission.

PRR 1570 Market Operations BPM, Emergency PRR, Details on new process to establish Wheeling through Priority as part of the Transmission Service and Market Scheduling Priorities Project.

PRR 1571 Settlements and Billing BPM, Updating startup cost minimum load cost pre-calculation BPM documentation for advisory shutdown flag for minimum load cost qualification.

PRR 1572 Settlements and Billing BPM, Updated charge code 4575 grid management charge scheduling coordinator ID charge to clarify business rule charge code exclusions.


ISO Final Decisions

PRR 1558 Market Instruments BPM, New OASIS report labeled available transfer capability for priority wheel through Requests.

PRR 1559 Settlements and Billing BPM, Updating BPM existing transmission contract transmission control pre calculation transmission ownership right converted right quantity business rule to support Transmission Exchange Agreement Initiative.

PRR 1560 Settlements and Billing BPM, Updated BPM Configuration guide for pre-calculation charge group charge code pre-calculation Wheel Export Quantity to accommodate transmission service and market scheduling priorities project 2.

PRR 1561 Settlements and Billing BPM, Updated BPM Configuration guide regulatory must take net amount pre-calculation to accommodate market enhancement to ancillary services state of charge constraint.

PRR 1562 Settlements and Billing BPM, Configuration updates to the real time Energy Quantity pre-calculation to add new WEIM Pumped Storage Interval Resource Base Schedule variable as an input to the Settlement Interval Resource Base Schedule.

PRR 1563 Settlements and Billing BPM, Created and updated multiple BPM Configuration guides to exclude BASE energy transfer system resources from being considered in assistance energy transfer calculations, and flags for corrections to resource sufficiency evaluations pass/fail scenarios.

PRR 1564 Settlements and Billing BPM, Updated real time congestion pre-calculation 5.8 to accommodate a fix to show nodal congestion calculations.

PRR 1565 Settlements and Billing BPM, Update configuration guide for RAAIM pre-calculations to resolve data overlap for the same resource on acquired rights and run of river RAAIM exemption.

PRR 1566 Market Operations BPM, Updating multiple BPMs for correct settlement of hybrid tie generator resources.

PRR 1567 Market Operations BPM, Updates to constraints related to the impact of ancillary service awards on state of charge on storage resources.

PRR 1568 Market Operations BPM, Clarifying tagging requirements in support of resource sufficiency evaluation Phase 2 Project.


BPM Library Updates

The PRR tracking log on the ISO website lists the updated BPMs in the library.


The ISO may unilaterally make and implement revisions to the BPMs in emergency circumstances, as set forth in Sections 22.4.3 and 22.11 of the ISO Tariff and in Section 2.6 of the Business Practice Manual for BPM Change Management. An emergency PRR will continue through the BPM change management stakeholder process to obtain stakeholder input on the revisions and make other recommendations, as necessary.


Please note that affected parties must register in order to submit a PRR or written comments.


More information on the BPM change management process is available on the BPM webpage of the ISO website.

Contact information

Please contact Nicole Hines at 916-597-8108 or BPM_CM@caiso.com with any questions.

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