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New resource implementation process and requirements

This webpage contains the guidelines, deliverables and activities needed during the final 203 days of interconnection projects to successfully complete resource interconnection to the ISO grid.  Please refer to the New Resource Implementation Guide for the requirements and process.​

Bucket system​

The ISO "Bucket" system is derived from the generation project estimated sync date and specifies interconnection deliverable approval deadline dates. ISO review and approval requires 10 to 15 days from the time a generator owner  submits a deliverable. If a deadline date is not met, document processing stops and a new synchronization must be established.

 New Resource Interconnection Buckets

 Planning - 203 days before sync

  • Bucket 1 – Full network model preparation
    Project owners must complete action items and documents required to create a resource ID, essential for participation in ISO markets, plus documents to forecast and model the resource in ISO real-time and market systems. Items must be submitted well in advance of required ISO approval dates. Deliverables include communication block diagrams, single- and three-line drawings to assure proper installation and communication among meter and RIG elements plus the Remote Intelligent Gateway Details spreadsheet.

 Implementation - 105 days before sync

 Validation - 30 days before sync

  • Bucket 3 – Market preparation
    These deliverables are essential for initial synchronization with the ISO and require careful consideration and planning. All Bucket 4 items must be approved 30 days prior to initial resource synchronization. Please refer to the New Resource Implementation Guide for further details.
    • Resource entity management - generator resource data templates (GRDT)
      The Scheduling Coordinator must review and submit the final version of the Generator Resource Data Template (GRDT) on behalf of the legal owner/developer.
    • Scheduling Coordinator selection and acceptance letters
      The effective date in each letter must match and letters must be submitted no less than 30 days before the effective date. The Scheduling Coordinator association cannot be completed until Meter Service Agreement and applicable Participating Generator Agreement are fully executed and final Generator Resource Data Template is approved by NRI.
    • Metering and Telemetry
    • RIG engineering
      Agreements and certificate requests must be submitted to the ISO before starting telemetry testing. Project owners must submit a Device Certificate Request Form (ARRF) with the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) file to Certificate Requests. Please allow 10 business days for review and approvals.

 Trial operations approval - 10 days before sync

  • Bucket 4 – Trial operations approval
    Trial operations testing includes preliminary validation of meter data. Buckets 1 through 5 deliverables must be finished and approved. Metering and telemetry end-to-end testing must also be successfully completed. Final validation of metering and telemetry data will be conducted after synchronization using actual generation data.

 Trial operations - 1 day before sync

  • Bucket 5 – Trial operations
    The interconnection customer Scheduling Coordinator must contact ISO Outage Management at (916)351-2241 for approvals 24 hours in advance of initial synchronization and again immediately before synchronization. The Scheduling Coordinator must also contact the ISO Real Time Generation desk at (916)351-2488 for initial and all subsequent synchronization and testing. The Real Time desk can fully or partially curtail trial operations at any time.

 Commercial operation

  • Bucket 6 – Commercial Operation Date (COD)
    The ISO will issue a signed Certificate of Compliance following metering and telemetry validation with live test generation data and approval of all required documentation. This certificate must be issued before declaring a commercial operation date.
    Interconnection customers must email a COD request to New Resource Interconnection at least 5 business days before the desired date. The ISO will issue an email response containing the date the interconnection customer can declare commercial operation. An alternative date may be granted based on the ISO internal approval process.
    • Commercial operation letter templates