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Operating procedures guide rules and policy implementation

Operating procedures implement the policies and authorities contained in the California ISO Tariff and business practice manuals. We provide public access to current versions of the operating procedures, which do not contain information that is system security sensitive, market sensitive or third party proprietary. Operating procedures are intended to guide ISO stakeholders regarding the implementation of rules and policies specified in the California ISO Tariff.


Actual ISO operations are based upon system conditions and prudent practice. System conditions may warrant deviation from written procedures. The Shift Manager will determine the need for such deviation. The ISO reserves the sole right to revise or edit these procedures in accordance with Operating Procedure 5510.
The following information is not available in this public posting of the ISO Operating Procedures due to security or confidentiality reasons: third party operating procedures and unit specific data is not being provided pending ISO and third party confidentiality review; names and phone numbers are excluded for privacy and security reasons; and emergency restoration procedures are not included due to security considerations.Border

Balancing Authority Area procedures

  • Operating procedures - 1000-2000 series - balancing area operations
  • Operating procedures - 3000 series - transmission operations
  • Operating procedures - 4000 series - emergency operations
  • Operating procedures - 5000 series - communications and administration
  • Operating procedures - 6000 series - bulk/ TOP007 reportable paths
  • Operating procedures - 7000 series - regional operations

Reliability Coordinator procedures