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Accurate network modeling supports efficient market operations

Modeling is based on detailed information for transmission network elements, resources and entities participating in the wholesale market.


Market participant asset implementation

This process provides a high level understanding of participating in the ISO Full Network Model process from a design and implementation standpoint that includes transmission and new resource implementation.

Network modeling

The network model defines system parameters, price node and market scheduling limit mappings and planned network model updates.

Resource maintenance

Maintain resource characteristics and scheduling coordinator assignments used in the market and systems to reliably operate the grid.

Resource data submission

The Generator Resource Data Template and the Intertie Resource Data Template are used to submit requests to add or change specific operating parameters that reside in the Master File. For updates to existing data, scheduling coordinators must make any changes on the templates downloaded from the Master File user interface or application programming interface. Scheduling coordinators then submit updated templates using the user interface UPLOAD function or the programming interface SUBMIT services. Requests for new system resources should be sent to in the New Intertie Resource Request template.

ISO fuel region and electric region definitions

Attenuation factors for regulation

The attenuation factor or the multiplier associated with the regulation up and regulation down awards participating in the SOC management represent the anticipated impact on SOC by providing regulation. This multiplier will be updated quarterly based on the previous year historical use. These multipliers are hourly for regulation up and regulation down.

Gas future price and greenhouse gas allowance price

Use-limited resources

Resources that have operational or environmental restrictions that limit production hours but can operate for a minimum set of consecutive trading hours may be considered use-limited. New registration requests, use plan submissions and any questions should be sent to