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October 5, 2018

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Resend: California ISO Seeks Stakeholder Participation in Governing Board Nominee Review Committee


The California ISO announces the activation of the Board Nominee Review Committee, which is a group of stakeholders responsible for nominating candidates for the ISO Board of Governors. Stakeholders interested in participating should submit their contact information no later than Oct. 12, 2018.


The ISO is activating the Board Nominee Review Committee consistent with the Board Selection Policy for nominating candidates for the ISO Board of Governors.


The Committee is comprised of stakeholders from each of the following six member-class sectors: End-Users & Retail Energy Providers, Public Interest Groups, Transmission Owners, Transmission-Dependent Utilities, Generators & Marketers, and Alternative Energy Providers. Each sector is responsible for selecting its own six members to serve on the committee. The Committee is responsible for reviewing potential Board candidates and ranking each candidate according to specific criteria, with the assistance of a professional executive search firm. Stakeholders interested in participating should send their contact information to the secretary of the member class sector that best represents the stakeholder by Oct. 12, 2018.


A full description of the board nominee selection process can be found in the Board Selection Policy, available at the ISO's website at


The following steps will be taken for the nomination:

  • The professional executive search firm, Lyceum Leadership Consulting, will create a list of at least four qualified candidates for each open seat on the Board.
  • The list of qualified candidates will be forwarded by the search consultant to the 36-member Committee, which is comprised of six stakeholders from each of the six member-class sectors.
  • Each member-class sector will review the list and provide recommendations on which candidates will be interviewed.
  • Each sector will select one representative to participate in a personal interview of selected candidates.
  • Following the interviews, the sectors will rank the candidates and that list will be forwarded to the ISO for transmittal to the Governor's office.

Member-Class Sector Contacts

To streamline communication between the ISO and the Committee, each ISO member-class sector is represented by a single point of contact, or secretary, who has accepted the ISO's invitation to serve in that capacity. The list of contacts is below.


Member-Class Sector




End User and Retail energy providers (e.g. load-serving entities that do not own transmission or distribution assets)

Beth Vaughan



Public Interest Groups (consumer advocates, environmental groups, and citizen participation)

Rebecca Wagner




Transmission Owners (vertically integrated utilities and merchant transmission owners)

Eric Eisenman



Transmission Dependent Utilities

John Roukema




Generators and Marketers

Jan Smutny-Jones




Alternative Energy Producers (e.g. distributed generation, demand response technologies, and renewable energy)

Kevin Lynch





Recommendations for Board member candidates to be considered in the nominee search process should be submitted by Oct. 30, 2018 directly to Susie Heissner at Lyceum Leadership Consulting at


Don Fuller, Director, Strategic Alliances, at or 916-608-7055.

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