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Metering and telemetry ensure accurate revenue accounting

Metering and telemetry are mandatory tools for ensuring accurate revenue accounting and ISO operational visibility.


Process and requirements

Operating procedures - 5700 metering process

Meter data represents the energy generated or consumed during a settlement interval. The ISO, ISO metered entities, and scheduling coordinator metered entities follow prescribed processes and procedures to ensure the data is settlement quality. These procedures complement, but do not replace, section 10 of the ISO Tariff and Business Practice Manual for Metering.

Meter installation, inspection and certification

Additional information, required forms and lists for metered entities.

Direct telemetry standards

Generating units and load participants must establish and maintain a data processing gateway between plant facilities and the ISO energy management system for the purpose of generation control and monitoring. The ISO requires direct telemetry of participating generators and load by installing a remote intelligent gateway (RIG) for generating units providing regulation energy or a data processing gateway (DPG) or other ISO-approved technology for resources providing non-regulation ancillary services or supplemental energy.

Agreements and information requests sheets

Agreements to adhere to ISO requirements. Please provide required information to initiate certification, meter service and network connectivity agreements early in the process. Direct telemetry facilities for Participating Generators, Participating Loads, Proxy Demand Resources must establish the contractual agreements to participate.

Application access

The ISO and its market participants must adhere to rigorous requirements to help ensure the integrity and confidentiality of commercially sensitive or proprietary information and data, as well as to protect the ISO grid and its assets.

Meter data submission and reporting

Specifications for submitting and retrieving meter data and instructions using the Operational Meter Analysis and Reporting (OMAR) system.