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​Release planning analyzes the impact of initiatives

The release planning process assesses market initiative implementation impacts to determine target timeframes, project milestones and other resource considerations. It is a collaborative process between the ISO and market participants to optimize the costs and benefits of the implementation approach prior to committing resources.


Plans and schedules



2021 releases


Independent 2021

Spring 2021

  • Spring 2021 release market simulation communications
  • FERC order 831 compliance - raise the bid cap to $2000/MWh
  • Real-time settlement review phase 1
  • Western EIM Balancing Authority of Northern California (phase 2)
  • Western EIM base schedule submission deadline phase 1
  • Western EIM enhancements 2021 phase 1
  • Western EIM Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
  • Western EIM NorthWestern Energy
  • Western EIM Public Service Company of New Mexico
  • Western EIM Turlock Irrigation District

Summer 2021

Fall 2021

  • Energy storage and distributed energy resources phase 4 - implementation
  • Flexible ramping product - deliverability
  • Hybrid resources phase 2
  • Intertie shadow pricing resolution
  • Real-time settlement review phase 2
  • Western EIM base schedule submission deadline phase 2
  • Western EIM enhancements 2021 phase 2
  • Draft settlement technical documents




Previous releases