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Subscribe for really simple syndication (RSS) feeds

The ISO RSS feeds are content feeds from our website that allow you to stay informed on key topics by retrieving the latest content.

PLEASE NOTE: As of May 30, 2024 will no longer support the use of RSS feeds. To receive notices, news releases and corporate information, subscribe to the Daily Briefing and news releases. For emergency notifications and Flex Alerts, download the ISO Today mobile app.

How to subscribe to RSS feeds in Outlook

Business Practice Manual Change Management

Separate RSS feeds are available for each Proposed Change Request (PRR) to the ISO Business Practice Manuals (BPMs). These feeds provide notification of updates to a PRR and changes to a PRR’s stage.

Subscribe to a PRR:

  • Navigate to the BPM Change Management site.
  • Select the desired PRR by clicking the PRR number. A new window will open.
  • Locate the subscribe link under PRR details.