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March 2, 2017




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ISO Production Maintenance Outage on 3/7 for Market Systems




The California ISO has scheduled a maintenance outage in its production environment on March 7, 2017 for the following market systems: Integrated Forward Market (IFM), Real Time Market (RTM), and Balancing Authority Area Operations Portal (BAAOP).




The ISO has scheduled maintenance in its production environment for the below market systems. See below for details.


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Market Systems

Outage Time


IFM (Integrated Forward Market)


RTM (Real Time Market)


BAAOP (Balancing Authority Area Operations Portal)

10:23 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. (Pacific Time)

Systems will be unavailable during the maintenance outage.


ADS, CMRI and OASIS market results will not be published during the maintenance outage window.


All STUC (Short-Term Unit Commitment), RTPD (Real-Time Pre-Dispatch) and RTD intervals will not be available for HE01 and possibly HE02. The HASP run for HE01 will be missed. The HASP run for HE02 may be missed. During the maintenance outage window, internal resources which have Resource Adequacy capacity should follow their last good RT ADS dispatch. Intertie resources that do not receive a HASP ADS dispatch should follow their day ahead Residual Unit Commitment schedules or operator instructions. For ancillary service awards, if you do not receive a RT instruction, follow your day ahead awards.


Resources which are scheduled to shut down or transition during this outage should contact ISO RT system operations to get approval prior to transitioning or shutting down.


For any issues experienced outside of the maintenance window, please contact the ISO Help Desk at 916-351-2309 or 888-889-0450.




Keith Ross at or 916-467-0735


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