Today's Outlook

Get an at-a-glance view of supply and demand, renewable energy production, emergency notifications and requests for energy conservation. These displays are provided for information only and do not represent real-time system operating conditions. Click here for more information about this page.

Supply and Demand

Graph displays current system demand plotted against forecast demand and available resources.  See tutorial for more information on this graph.

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Graph shows aggregated output from renewables connected to the ISO grid.

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Net Demand

The net demand curve depicts the variability in demand and supply that the ISO must counter balance to maintain grid reliability. Net demand is calculated by taking the actual demand and subtracting the electricity produced by variable generation resources, wind and solar, that are directly connected to the ISO grid.

Higher levels of variable electricity generation increases the ISO operational need for resources with the technological flexibility to start and stop quickly, and maintain output for set periods of time, so we can match supply and demand at all times.  

Click here to learn how flexible resources help renewable integration.


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Active Alerts, Warnings and Emergencies

This table reflects the status of active emergency notices issued when operating reserves or transmission capacity limitations threaten our ability to safely and reliably operate the grid.


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Flex Alerts

A Flex Alert is an urgent call to cut back on electricity and shift demand to off-peak hours (typically after 9 p.m.). As part of an educational and emergency alert program, Flex Alerts inform consumers about how and when to conserve electricity. This conservation is critical during heat waves and other challenging grid conditions, including wildfires or when major power plant or power lines are unavailable. Go to the Flex Alert tips page for more information on how you can help.