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June 2020  •  Issue 27
As a federally regulated nonprofit organization, the ISO plans and operates the state's high-voltage electric grid and "keeps the lights on" for California and a portion of Nevada.

ISO’s 2020 Summer Assessment points to sufficient supplies


The California ISO anticipates having an adequate amount of energy to meet demand this summer, according to its annual outlook of summer electricity conditions.

The 2020 Summer Loads and Resources Assessment modeled 2,000 unique scenarios to determine resource capacity and demand from June 1 to September 30.

Power supplies may get tighter later in the season when hydroelectric resources dwindle. During that time, the ISO will turn to imports for supply, and a heatwave impacting the larger western states region could diminish the amount of excess electricity for neighboring balancing authorities to sell in the ISO market.

Overall, however, the report finds there is a low probability the ISO will need to initiate rotating power outages.

For more information on the assessment, view the news release.

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Flex Alerts can alleviate energy shortages


While the ISO predicts sufficient energy to meet needs this summer, if power supplies get tight, the ISO can issue a Flex Alert to ease stress on the system.

A Flex Alert is a call for consumers to voluntarily conserve electricity to maintain grid reliability, typically due to a shortage in energy supply. When consumers respond by reducing their energy use, it helps prevent drastic emergency measures, including possible power outages.

When a Flex Alert is issued, the ISO encourages consumers to reduce energy use, including setting the thermostat to 78 degrees or higher, delay using major appliances until after 9 p.m. and turning off all unneeded lights. Taking these simple actions can be critical to maintaining grid reliability.

Consumers can also help during times of grid stress by sharing the message. The ISO encourages consumers to retweet real-time updates posted on Twitter, @FlexAlert and @California_ISO.

Visit to learn more ways to save energy and sign up for Flex Alert notifications. The website also offers a downloadable media kit, which includes the Flex Alert logo and website banners.

To stay updated, follow Flex Alert on Facebook, and download the ISO Today mobile app to receive notifications.

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ISO launches 2020 Summer Readiness page


The ISO unveiled its Summer Readiness webpage in preparation for the warmer days ahead, with information on the energy outlook, what to do when a Flex Alert is issued, and the ISO’s role in the state’s wildfire risk mitigation plan.

The page offers quick links to the 2020 Summer Loads and Resources Assessment, a Summer Readiness Fact Sheet, information on the ISO’s role during a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS), details on Flex Alerts, and a description of System Alerts, Warnings and Emergencies.

The ISO also offers several resources to monitor and analyze power supply and demand.

  • The ISO’s COVID-19 Impacts to ISO Load Forecast provides insight into the effects of stay-at-home orders on energy demand and prices.
  • Today’s Outlook offers real-time demand and supply information at your fingertips. Stay connected by downloading the ISO Today app for mobile devices.
  • Key Topics is a quick link to what’s trending at the ISO.
  • Visit the News webpage for the latest information, key statistics, helpful links, and media contacts.
  • Subscribe to the ISO’s Daily Briefing to receive a recap of notices and news.

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      Four utilities are set to join the Western EIM


      The ISO and Xcel Energy – Colorado signed an implementation agreement in May paving the way for the utility’s participation in the Western Energy Imbalance Market (EIM) in 2022.

      With the addition of Xcel Energy – Colorado, the Western EIM will have participation from 21 balancing areas, representing 82 percent of the Western Electricity Coordinating Council total load by 2022.

      The agreement also provides for participation of the other Joint Dispatch Agreement (JDA) members: Black Hills Energy Colorado Electric, Colorado Springs Utilities, and Platte River Power Authority.

      For more information, view the news release. Visit the Western EIM website for details on the market, quarterly benefits reports, governance, and upcoming meetings.

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