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Energy Imbalance Market Governing Body

The ISO Board of Governors has delegated authority over the EIM rules to the western Energy Imbalance Market (EIM) Governing Body, as proposed by the EIM Transitional Committee. The five members of this body are financially independent from market participants and are selected by representatives of all EIM stakeholders. The Committee’s Board-approved governance structure also established an advisory body comprised of regulators in states that participate in the real-time market and created a periodic stakeholder forum to discuss regional issues.


Board of Governors Meeting Calendar

Current meeting materials

  • EIM Governing Body meeting Apr 19, 2017
    • EIM GB 3) Regional Issues Forum update
    • EIM GB 5) Briefing on western energy imbalance market readiness
    • EIM GB 6) Briefing on policy outlook
    • EIM GB 7) Briefing on supply conditions
    • EIM GB 8) Decision on proposed amendments to Charter for Energy Imbalance Market Governance
    • EIM GB 9) Decision on EIM Governing Body nomination
    • EIM GB 10) Election of EIM Governing Body chair and vice chair
    • EIM GB 11) Informational report

Previous meetings

Request for feedback

EIM nominating committee members

The EIM nominating committee will nominate one candidate for each seat on the EIM Governing Body. The first candidate slate was approved by the ISO Board of Governors on June 28, 2016, but all future nominations will be approved by the EIM Governing Body.

EIM body of state regulators

The primary function of the EIM body of state regulators is to learn about the EIM, EIM Governing Body and related ISO developments that may be relevant to their jurisdictional responsibilities. The regulators will hold periodic meetings and may express a common position in the ISO stakeholder process or to the EIM Governing Body on EIM issues, but is not restricted from taking any position before FERC, ISO Board of Governors, or any other forum concerning matters related to EIM or the ISO.


EIM regional issues forum

The forum is organized by ten self-selected sector liaisons that facilitate input and participation from respective sectors on the topics and content not currently part of an ongoing ISO stakeholder process. The forums, to be held approximately three times a year, will allow stakeholders to discuss broad issues related to the EIM, be open to the public, and encourage all those interested to attend and participate. The forum may produce documents or opinions for the benefit of the EIM Governing Body, ISO Board of Governors, and the ISO.
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