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What are we doing to green the grid?

The ISO is committed to supporting important energy and environmental policies while maintaining reliability through a resilient power grid system.


Creating cross-regional benefits with the Energy Imbalance Market (EIM)

ISO advanced market systems automatically balance supply and demand for electricity every fifteen minutes, dispatching the least-cost resources every 5-minutes.  In November, 2014 this voluntary energy imbalance market service  became available to other grids operating in the West as a way to share reserves and integrate renewable resources across a larger geographic region--reliably and efficiently. 

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Benefits of a Regional Energy Market

A regional approach to coordinating energy production and management will reduce carbon emissions in the West and more efficiently use current and future renewable resources that are sustainable and at less cost.

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Integrating renewables reliably

The ISO is focused on the reliable integration of zero-emission resources such as solar and wind power in support of the state's renewables portfolio standard. 

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Monitor Renewable Production

Today's Renewables
Daily Renewables Watch (past renewable production)

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Advancing technologies for a smarter grid

We actively engage in activities that identify and prove next generation smart technologies. The exciting advances will forever change how electricity is produced and consumed. 

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Smart Grid Roadmap
Energy Storage Roadmap

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Opportunities for distributed energy resources

Distributed energy resources will be a valuable part of the resource mix to ensure reliable management of the green electric grid.  These resources are located on the distribution system and include energy storage, plug-in electric vehicles (PEV), demand response and combinations thereof that include photovoltaic solar.  The ISO is helping remove barriers and creating opportunities for these resources to provide grid services.



Demand Response and Energy Efficiency Roadmap
Vehicle-Grid Integration Roadmap

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Demand response stakeholder activities
Energy storage and aggregated distributed energy resource education forum - April 16 and 23


Policy perspectives

The century-old electric grid is evolving into a modern and sophisticated machine to unlock a greener economy and fight off global warming.  Coordinating the alignment of environmental and energy goals is critical  to developing a cleaner, reliable and more weather-resilient power grid.  The ISO is collaborating with state and federal agencies, policymakers, stakeholders and end-user groups during this historic transformation to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead.

ISO, CEC and CPUC planning and procurement process alignment

Alignment of the transmission planning process with CEC Integrated Energy Policy Report (IEPR) demand forecast and CPUC Long Term Procurement Plan (LTPP) proceeding.

View the TPP-LTPP-IEPR Alignment Diagram

Read the TPP-LTPP-IEPR Alignment Explanatory Text

Climate change

California Climate Change Center

California Climate Change YouTube channel

Cap-and-trade program

Greenhouse gas reduction

Legislative priorities

Joint agency follow-up letter to Senators Padilla and Fuller on energy efficiency investments

Joint agency response to Senators Padilla and Fuller letter on energy efficiency investments