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Energy imbalance market

The energy imbalance market extends the ISO real-time market to other balancing authorities in the west. In October 2014, EIM goes live with PacifCorp, with customers in six states. Filings were made at FERC and the PUCN (Nevada) on April 16 to bring NV Energy and its customers into EIM in October, 2015.

Initiative status


Fully binding operations: Pending, scheduled for November 1, 2014
Parallel operations: Implemented October 1, 2014
Board of Governors implementation approval: September 18, 2014


FERC approval: June 19, 2014
Tariff amendment filing: February 28, 2014
Board of Governors approval: November 7, 2013


Board of Governors appointed Transitional Committee members: May 30, 2014

Entity implementation agreements

NV Energy FERC filing: April 16, 2014
PacifiCorp FERC approval: June 28, 2013

FERC filings and orders

Key documents

Current meeting

No meeting currently scheduled

Governance development


Tariff development

Policy development