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​Energy imbalance market

The western Energy Imbalance Market (EIM), the ISO enhanced real-time market that went live on November 1, 2014, creates significant reliability and renewable integration benefits for consumers by sharing and economically dispatching a broad array of resources.  The ISO has several initiatives underway to further evolve the market as new entities participate, develop a long term governance structure over EIM matters and make enhancements based on experience from implementation.


​Active stakeholder initiatives

Energy Imbalance Market year 1 enhancements
Process seeking to fulfill compliance requirements, facilitate new EIM entities joining the market and improve bidding and pricing rules.


Energy Imbalance Market governance development
Effort to develop a long-term governance structure on EIM issues.


Energy Imbalance Market foundation

Foundational documents, historical initiatives that were the basis for the new market and general information on EIM.