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Dispute processes

This webpage provides information for submitting timely, valid and effective disputes to the California ISO with adequate supporting details. 

The ISO Tariff section 11.29.8 requires that a notice of dispute must clearly state the following:

    •  Trading day
    •  Invoice or statement in dispute
    •  Resource(s) in question
    •  Item or calculation disputed
    •  Reasons for the dispute
    •  Amount claimed (if appropriate)

The dispute must be accompanied with all available evidence reasonably required to support the claim.  The Tariff language is written broadly in order to encompass all potential settlement disputes.

The intent of this webpage is to provide clarity on the level of explanation (the reasons for the dispute) and the type of supporting evidence required to comply with this tariff obligation, which will vary depending upon the charge code disputed and the issue identified. A dispute submitted with the level of detail and supporting documentation specified here will most likely produce better, more constructive results for both the scheduling coordinator and the ISO.

The remainder of this webpage is broken down into separate sections that cover methods of dispute submittal, timing of dispute submittal, dispute information requirements, and the content of ISO responses to disputes submitted.

Alternative dispute resolution information