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Training makes participation efficient and effective

The ISO designs and offers training programs and courses that support our systems and programs. Materials and courses within this section will help scheduling coordinators understand how to do business with the ISO to make their interactions more efficient and effective.


Training calendar

  • Market initiatives training
    • Fall 2014 release - market initiatives training
    • Spring 2014 release - market initiatives training
    • Access and Identity Management training
    • Ancillary services in hour-ahead scheduling process and scarcity pricing training
    • Bidding and mitigation of commitment costs training
    • Capacity procurement mechanism training
    • Commitment costs refinement 2012 training
    • Convergence bidding training
      Covers basic market concepts of convergence or virtual bidding.
    • FERC order 741 and settlement process timeline changes training
    • Flexible resource adequacy criteria and must offer obligation training
    • Generated bids and outage reporting for non-resource specific resource adequacy resources training
    • Grid management charge 2012 training
    • Multi-stage generation resource training
    • Open - isolated tie enhancements training
    • Pay for performance regulation training
    • Proxy demand resources training
      Explains how to get involved as a demand response provider and what you need in place to participate in the wholesale energy market.
    • Regulation energy management training
    • Regulatory must-take generation training
    • Reliability demand response resource training
    • Replacement requirement for planned maintenance outages of RA generation resources training
    • Resource Interconnection Management System training
  • Markets training
    • Day-Ahead Market Overiew - CBT
      Computer-based training that explains the ISO Day-Ahead Market
    • 2013 Fall Release
    • Introduction to the California ISO market
      Introduction to California ISO market - covers basic market concepts, the roles and responsibilities of the ISO, an overview of our products and services, and the concepts behind day-ahead and real-time market. Training materials will be provided in class.
    • Congestion revenue rights
    • Energy imbalance market
    • Market transactions
      Covers how market transactions are created, rules behind basic market transactions including bids and schedules for energy, bids and self provisions for ancillary services, and proxy demand resource bids in the day-ahead and real-time market, as well as residual unit commitment bids, resource adequacy obligations, and convergence bids in the day-ahead market. Training materials will be provided in class.
    • Meter data submission / OMAR online enhancement
    • Scheduling and logging for the ISO of California (SLIC)
    • Settlement validation
      Training materials will be provided in class
    • Standard capacity products