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Energy oversupply - managing a greener grid

How western EIM works video
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Exploring a regional independent system operator (ISO)

California is currently exploring an expansion of its grid operations into other western states to enhance energy flow to meet the West’s demand for reliable, affordable, and sustainable power. Regional ISOs use a larger geographic footprint and diverse resources to find the lowest-cost generation and ancillary services. The shift to a regional ISO would also expand resource flexibility, improve transmission planning and grid reliability, and promote clean energy. A multi-state grid would use the California ISO’s state-of-the-art technology to coordinate and optimize electric systems across the western states and develop one clean, reliable and efficient grid.


Regional ISO highlights

Explore the regional energy market, find answers and explore the benefits of the SB 350 study in the fact sheets below.
Regional Energy Market - Fast Facts
SB 350 Studies – Overview
Ratepayer BenefitsEconomic ImpactsImpacts on Emissions
Environmental ImpactsIntegrating RenewablesImpacts to Disadvantaged Communities

Latest developments


Technical reports and studies